Hochul Dodges Debate Question on Firing Soros-Funded Bragg

Hochul Dodges Debate Question on Firing Soros-Funded Bragg

October 26, 2022

During her debate against Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin Tuesday night, New York Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul refused to answer when asked about firing George Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

In August, Zeldin, running against Hochul to be New York’s next Governor, promised to fire Bragg on his first day if elected.

The pro-crime Bragg was elected as Manhattan’s D.A. with the help of a million-dollar campaign contribution from left-wing billionaire financier Soros, who has funded far-left district attorney candidates across the country. Earlier this year, Bragg’s office released a memo instructing staff to seek pre-trial detention or prison sentences only for criminals accused of homicide, public corruption, and a few other exceptional cases.

Hochul avoided answering the question, saying only, “I’m not surprised” Zeldin would want to remove Bragg. “In Lee Zeldin’s world, you overturn elections you don’t agree with. You can’t throw out somebody that’s duly elected. I work with all of our district attorneys and give them more power to do their jobs…

“That’s not the democracy we live in, but it’s the world Lee Zeldin does,” she finished.

“A question gets posed about a Manhattan DA that refuses to enforce the law, and all my opponent can come up with is talking about the last election. Think about that,” Zelden shot back. “We don’t have recall elections in this state, but when they crafted the New York state constitution, they gave the governor the authority to remove a district attorney when they refused to enforce the law. And I’m going to do what not only is my constitutional authority, but my constitutional duty to keep the people of this city of this state safe.”

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