Hirono: When Democrats Say ‘Fight’ It Means Fight for Others

Hirono: When Democrats Say ‘Fight’ It Means Fight for Others

February 15, 2021

Friday on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, Sen. Mazie Hirono in response to former President Trump’s lawyers at his impeachment trial in the Senate playing clips of Democrat incitement to violence against Republicans, tried weakly to justify the rhetoric by claiming that the Democrats were talking about fighting for the rights of others, in contrast to Trump’s call for his supporters to fight for him.

Hirono dismissed the “montage of a lot of Democrats saying we’re going to fight for immigrants or fight for students or fight for people who are out of work.” But, she hastened to add falsely, “when the president uses the word ‘fight,’ though, we know he means fight for me, fight for me, Trump.”

First, it is completely false that the clips depicted Democrats calling to fight for the rights of others. The hypocritical Dems shown in the lengthy video, including President Joe “Unity” Biden, were all urging violence and harassment against Trump and his supporters. Almost 100% of the political violence throughout Trump’s term has been committed by the left against the right. Hirono has nothing to say about that.

Second, when Trump used the word fight, it was never about violence and harassment but always about standing up against the radical Democrat Party and its destructive agenda for America. It was about not quitting in the face of their massive voter fraud in the 2020 election. It was about pushing back against the blatant Big Tech censorship, the racial animosity of Black Lives Matter, the leftist activism of the fake news media, the corporate indoctrination of Critical Race Theory, the anti-capitalism of the Dems’ socialist political leaders, and the anti-Americanism of the national anthem protesters in our sports leagues.

Hirono wants to pretend the left cares about Americans and Trump cares only about himself. But America knows the truth.

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