Hirono: Trump Attempted to Overturn the U.S. Government

Hirono: Trump Attempted to Overturn the U.S. Government

October 8, 2021

Thursday on MSNBC’s Deadline, Sen. Mazie Hirono predictably said she believed congressional investigations claiming that former President Donald Trump attempted to overturn the U.S. government.

“We came very, very close to a constitutional crisis,” Hirono said hyperbolically, “but I feel as though with President Trump, former President, that we came close to a constitutional crisis many times. This is why he got impeached twice. So, he abused his power at just about every turn to get what he wanted.”

She continued, “Clearly, when you’re trying to overturn the outcome of a duly-conducted election, that is mighty close to overturning a government. That’s exactly what happened on the insurrection on January 6.”

Fact checks: the election was not duly conducted, but rife with fraud; Trump did not try to “overturn” the results, but to correct the rigged numbers; there was no “insurrection” on Jan. 6. Every public pronouncement Democrats and their media enablers coordinate to make is a lie.

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