Hirono Says House Should Move to Impeach Trump

Hirono Says House Should Move to Impeach Trump

May 30, 2019

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The Last Word, Sen. Mazie Hirono argued that since special counsel Robert Mueller could not indict or charge President Trump, the House should move forward with his impeachment.

“I think a lot of us conclude that, because if you can’t indict or even charge a sitting president, how are you going to hold the president accountable? You have it use these other processes of which impeachment starting an impeachment inquiry is one,” Hirono said.

“Under normal times as 800 former prosecutors have said, they would look at the evidence in the Mueller report and conclude that this president obstructed justice. These are not normal times. That is why an impeachment inquiry… would be what I’d like to see happen,” she added.

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