Hirono: People Don’t Care about Gas Prices If Child Care’s Free

Hirono: People Don’t Care about Gas Prices If Child Care’s Free

November 15, 2021

Saturday on MSNBC’s Velshi, radical ideologue and unhinged anti-Trump critic Sen. Mazie Hirono claims American citizens are fine with paying high gas prices if they can have their child care covered by the government.

“Four million women left the workforce during the pandemic because they have to take care of their children and their families,” Hirono claimed. “And so, a huge part of Build Back Better is to lower costs such as childcare costs, to provide pre-K, which is really important for young families.”

Fact check: pre-K is really important not for families but for the Democrat agenda of indoctrinating children as young as possible.

“And so, I disagree with Joe [Biden] that Build Back Better is going to add to inflation. In fact, economists rarely agree about anything, but twelve Nobel Prize economists say that Build Back Better is actually going to not add to the inflation and will be anti-inflationary over the long term.”

Fact check: Biden’s agenda is not anti-inflationary but anti-capitalism.

“So, we need to get on and pass the Build Back Better to lower costs for families and to address climate change and all of the other parts of the bill that will actually strengthen our families and our economy,” Hirono concluded.

Fact check: addressing “climate change” is a big-government power grab that will not strengthen the economy but destroy it, just as “other parts of the bill,” like herding women into the workforce and letting child care facilities raise their children instead, will not strengthen but destroy families. Eradicating the family is and always has been at the core of the Marxist agenda that the Biden administration is now actively implementing.

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