Hirono on Asian Reporter: Trump Can’t Handle ‘Strong Women’

Hirono on Asian Reporter: Trump Can’t Handle ‘Strong Women’

May 12, 2020

Tuesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Sen. Mazie Hirono predictably drew the race card in response to President Trump’s exchange Monday with an Asian CBS News reporter whom Trump told to direct her “nasty” coronavirus-related question to China.

“He sees an Asian person who asks a question that he doesn’t want to answer, and the true xenophobic Trump comes out, and he calls it a nasty question,” Hirono said. “I mean, he’s called me nasty, he’s called me various kinds of names. He can’t handle women, particularly strong women, and we know that Trump is xenophobic, and it comes out time and again.”

“When you have a president who calls it the Chinese virus and… has not made it plain that we condemn anti-Asian, racist attacks, but he doesn’t do that strongly enough, obviously, and so we have seen a rise in hate crimes against Asians… He knows that what he says matters, it provokes these kinds of responses, and people who think that they can act on the kinds of words that the president uses — very divisive.”

Like her Democrat compatriots, Hirono’s only apparent function in office is to spew hateful, race-baiting lies at Trump and his supporters — and then accuse him of being divisive.

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