Hirono on Afghanistan: ‘I Don’t Think it Needed to Be This Way’

Hirono on Afghanistan: ‘I Don’t Think it Needed to Be This Way’

August 21, 2021

Thursday on CNN’s Inside Politics, far-left Sen. Mazie Hirono conceded that the debacle in Afghanistan is “chaotic,” stating that it didn’t need to be because “we could have predicted it.”

Asked if the United States’ strategy of trusting the Taliban to allow safe passage is realistic, Hirono responded, “I don’t know that it’s realistic. Because knowing how the Taliban have acted before, hence the air power that we’re — that we’ve sent there. But it is very clear that this is a chaotic situation. We can see what we see with our own eyes. I don’t think it needed to be this way. And yes, Gen. Milley said that the intel did not predict that Kabul would fall in a matter of days. But nonetheless, these are the — we are faced with what we have now, when we — I think it — that we could have predicted it.”

It didn’t need to be predicted. Evidence has surfaced that the Biden administration was warned as far back as mid-July that Afghanistan would fall to the Taliban by the evacuation date of August 31. The administration knew and continued with its disastrous abandonment of former President Trump’s plan.

And now the administration is lying about it.

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