Hirono Observes ‘Trumpless Sundays’ to ‘Restore’ Her ‘Soul and Sanity’

Hirono Observes ‘Trumpless Sundays’ to ‘Restore’ Her ‘Soul and Sanity’

June 5, 2019

In an interview with Yahoo News released on Wednesday, Sen. Mazie Hirono revealed that she observes “Trumpless Sundays” each week in order to “restore” her soul and sanity.

“Just so I can restore my soul and my sanity, I have Trumpless Sundays, so on Sundays, I don’t watch any news,” said Hirono, who described the Trump administration in the interview as “horrible” and declared that the president “lies every single day” and objects to “brown- and yellow-skinned immigrants.”

“I have been promoting Trumpless Sunday to a lot of people, who think it’s a great idea. You do that on a Sunday you don’t have to feel guilty at all,” she added.

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