Hirono: GOP Trying to Stop ‘Black People, Chicanos, Asian-American People from Voting’

Hirono: GOP Trying to Stop ‘Black People, Chicanos, Asian-American People from Voting’

December 17, 2021

Thursday on CNN’s Newsroom, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) declared falsely that the Republican Party is attempting to stop “Black people, Chicanos, Asian-American people from voting.”

“What I’m seeing are voter suppression bills being enacted by state legislatures across the country, so that is a direct threat to our democracy,” Hirono claimed. “Voter suppression bills by the hundreds. So you have a state like Georgia where they’re trying to take over the election board. They already have, where you can’t give water or food to people standing in line for hours, where you have one voter who can challenge another voter, and they’re getting people to volunteer to do that. That is what’s going on across the country. We need to take action to support voter protection laws.”

This is all an absolute lie. The laws she’s referring to are voter integrity laws that actually expand, not suppress, voter participation. What they suppress is voter fraud, which is essential to Democrats for election victories. (Furthermore, not one of these laws prevents people standing in voting lines from eating or drinking; this is pure demagoguery on Hirono’s part.)

She added, “It’s totally concerning that President Trump and all his enablers continue to push forward the big lie that this election was stolen and therefore they need to support the passage of all of these voter suppression bills that will really stop minority people, the Black people, Chicanos, Asian-American people from voting. That’s where they’re going because this is their effort to retain power.”

Voter integrity laws absolutely do not prevent non-whites from voting. This is another hateful, divisive lie, which is how Democrats like Hirono “retain power.”

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