Hirono: Filibuster I Supported is Relic of ‘the Jim Crow Days’

Hirono: Filibuster I Supported is Relic of ‘the Jim Crow Days’

April 30, 2021

Thursday on Comedy Central’s Daily Show, Sen. Mazie Hirono called the filibuster a vestige of the Jim Crow days” but also admitted she supported preserving it in the past.

Asked about this double standard and contradiction, Hirono replied, “Oh, you know what, consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

Translation: it’s OK for us Democrats to flip-flop on political issues when it suits the political exigencies of the moment.

“So, I’ve learned watching Mitch McConnell over the last four years, he hardly ever gave the Democrats much chance to exercise our 60 votes — to deny him the 60 votes because he would rarely put out any substantive legislation in his busyness to get as many ideologically-oriented people onto the courts for lifetime appointments or passing the 1.5 trillion in tax cuts.” And “You think that well, the filibuster protects minority voices, but notice we were in the minority for four years and we basically got shafted at every turn. So, I learned from that and also that the filibuster is a vestige of the Jim Crow days. And so, we need to move on, away from this rule that’s not even anything that is in law or in the Constitution.”

Translation: whenever Democrats use a political tool, it’s moral and just, but when Republicans do the same thing, it’s racist and unconstitutional.

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