Hirono: ‘Expulsion’ for Hawley, Cruz if Involved in Capitol Riot

Hirono: ‘Expulsion’ for Hawley, Cruz if Involved in Capitol Riot

January 25, 2021

Friday on CNN’s New Day, radical leftist Sen. Mazie Hirono discussed the call for an ethics investigation into the roles Republican Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz may have played in the violence on Capitol Hill earlier this month.

Hirono claimed Hawley and Cruz “were very proud of the leadership role” they took in leading the Electoral College vote challenge — and so they should be, considering the vast voter fraud committed by the Democrat Party.

“We’re asking the ethics committee of the Senate to investigate their role in attempting to overturn the results of a free and fair election…” Hirono lied — it demonstrably was not a fair election. “So now, we’re asking for an investigation into improper conduct by these two senators leading to the insurrection in the Capitol and five people dying and many people injured…

“It’s not as though these two senators decided, ‘Well, we’re going to challenge the vote count.’ No, it’s a totality of the circumstances of months of the president calling the election results in question, putting forth the big lie. … And these two senators were very much in concert with the president in pushing this big lie, frankly, leading to the insurrection and all of the terrible things that happened on January 6.

“If the ethics commission determines that there is evidence that should lead to some kind of consequences, then that’s the recommendation they will make, including expulsion,” she added threateningly.

Fact checks: 1) challenging election results is not “pushing a big lie” but a Constitutionally legal process which the Democrats themselves availed themselves of after Trump’s election; 2) there was no “insurrection” and no evidence that Trump or the Senators incited anyone, but Hirono herself is pushing a big lie about it.

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