Hirono Defends Iran’s ‘Mistrust’ of the U.S.

Hirono Defends Iran’s ‘Mistrust’ of the U.S.

June 20, 2019

Thursday on CNN’s New Day, Sen. Mazie Hirono commented on the news Iran shot down an American drone in international waters.

Hirono seemed to defend Iran’s perspective, claiming “there is a mistrust of the United States” since President Trump pulled the country out of the Iran nuclear deal made by former Secretary of State John Kerry during the previous administration of Barack Obama.

“I think their perspective is, ‘How are we supposed to believe that the United States is going to keep its word?’” Hirono added. We need to create, I think, an environment where both sides, particularly at this point the Iranians, believe that it is time to come to the negotiation table. Apparently, it’s not that time yet. So, miscalculations can happen.”


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