Hirono: Biden Corruption is a GOP ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Hirono: Biden Corruption is a GOP ‘Conspiracy Theory’

December 6, 2019

Friday on CNN’s New Day, Sen. Mazie Hirono claimed that accusing Joe Biden and his son Hunter of profiting from Joe’s vice presidency under Barack Obama amounted to a GOP “conspiracy theory.”

“Well, that continues the whole conspiracy theory that the Republicans keep pushing, that’s been debunked,” Hirono said. “You know, you asked earlier that is this going to waylay the focus of the impeachment proceedings. Yes, that will. So this whole idea of the conspiracy — pushing forth the conspiracy theory — you know, that’s not what the impeachment proceeding should be all about.

Hirono added that Republicans “ought to focus on what I call ‘the this’ — ‘the this’ being what the president did to shake down the president of another country. They’re just always focused on what about that, what about that, what about that. But they’re now focused on what about this? What did the president do?”

The only conspiracy theory here is the Democrat lie that Donald Trump has committed an impeachable offense.

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