Hirono: ‘Astounding’ Barr Would Use Word Like ‘Spying’

Hirono: ‘Astounding’ Barr Would Use Word Like ‘Spying’

April 12, 2019

Sen. Mazie Hirono said on CNN’s New Day Thursday that it is “astounding” Attorney General Bill Barr would use a “highly-charged word like ‘spying’” in reference to a controversy about the Obama administration and President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“What I thought about that is when Barr opens his mouth, Trump’s words come popping out,” Hirono said. “So, I’m sure that made Trump very happy because it totally played into the Trump narrative that this is all some kind of a plot to get him.

“I found it astounding that the attorney general would use a highly-charged word like ‘spying,’” she added.


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