Hillary: Trump ‘Is a Clear and Present Danger to Democracy’

Hillary: Trump ‘Is a Clear and Present Danger to Democracy’

February 25, 2020

On Monday, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declared President Trump to be a “clear and present danger to democracy.”

“I will support the nominee of our party because I think that our current president is a clear and present danger to democracy and to our future,” Hillary told a journalist on the red carpet for the Berlin film festival.

“I don’t want to live in a democracy where an outside power determines who our leaders are,” Hillary began, referring to the debunked notion that Russia influenced her 2016 defeat to Trump, which she has also blamed on American misogyny. She can’t admit to herself that she lost because she’s an unlikable radical leftist and inveterate liar. “If we don’t protect our democracy, we’re slowly but steadily surrendering it,” she added.

Bill Clinton‘s wife, the Saul Alinsky protege, is arguably the most corrupt, power-hungry, vindictive politician in American history. We would be surrendering our democracy by allowing her to sit in the Oval Office.

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