Hillary to Kamala: Prepare to be ‘Diminished’ ‘as a Woman’

Hillary to Kamala: Prepare to be ‘Diminished’ ‘as a Woman’

October 2, 2020

In an episode of the podcast ‎You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warned Democrat VP pick Kamala Harris to prepare for efforts to “diminish” her as a woman ahead of the upcoming VP debate.

Asked how Harris is preparing for the debate, she replied, “This time it will be about, you know, requiring some level of knowledge, if not mastery, of Joe’s record, the vice president, Mike Pence’s record, Trump’s record and then, of course, defending my own record. So that’s different in terms of the process. But I guess the biggest thing, just to be candid with you, is to be prepared for what is, I think, very likely to be a series of untruths.”

“I think you should be preparing,” Hillary advised, “and I think you should also be prepared for, you know, the slights, the efforts to diminish you, you personally, you as a woman who’s about to be our next vice president. So I do think that there will be a lot of maneuvering on the other side to try to put you in a box.”

The bitter Hillary, who has spent four years blaming American misogyny for her election loss to President Trump, is preparing Kamala to use a similar excuse for when she and Joe Biden lose this November. Anything but acknowledge that they are both terrible candidates.

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