Hillary: ‘Sick to My Stomach’ over Possible Trump Reelection

Hillary: ‘Sick to My Stomach’ over Possible Trump Reelection

October 27, 2020

In a podcast interview Monday with journalist Kara Swisher, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said “It literally makes me sick to my stomach” to think that President Trump might be reelected in November.

“I can’t entertain the idea of him winning, so let’s just preface it by that,” Clinton said. “Well, because it makes me literally sick to my stomach to think that we’d have four more years of this abuse and destruction of our institutions, and damaging of our norms and our values, and lessening of our leadership, and the list goes on.”

Asked if she felt any “fear” that Trump would target her legally should he be reelected, Hillary replied, “There’s no doubt that he would do everything he could to attack and punish anyone who was, in his view, an adversary.” This is rich, coming from such a politically vindictive woman.

“I don’t think he has any boundaries at all, Kara,” Hillary added. “I don’t think he has any conscience. He’s obviously not a moral, truthful man. So he will do whatever he can to lift himself up.” Again, this is Hillary’s own projection, because she is the most corrupt, power-hungry woman in American political history. America realizes this about her, which is why she can’t get elected president.

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