Hillary Sends Trump Snooty Tweet on Coronavirus Measures

Hillary Sends Trump Snooty Tweet on Coronavirus Measures

March 14, 2020

Failed presidential candidate and corrupt, power-mad liar Hillary Clinton took to social media to criticize President Trump on Thursday over his response to the coronavirus outbreak, suggesting policy solutions in a condescending tweet.

“I know this is all hard for you, @realdonaldtrump, so let me spell it out,” the bitter failed candidate, who to this day blames American misogyny for her 2016 loss to Trump, wrote on Twitter. She went on to list measures she suggests the President take: free testing, fee waivers, emergency sick leave, quarantines, cancellations, and “giving a damn.”

Trump has already implemented some of these measures, as noted by Breitbart News, and is too busy “giving a damn” to bother with the Democrats’ relentless partisan attacks over the coronavirus.

Hillary’s tweet was likely intended to present herself as a more effective leader than Trump in a crisis — a crisis like the Benghazi debacle on her watch as SecState, when four Americans died. Not that she gave a damn.

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