Hillary: Preserve Voting Rights or Filibuster – ‘We Can’t Do Both’

Hillary: Preserve Voting Rights or Filibuster – ‘We Can’t Do Both’

April 9, 2021

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton issued an ultimatum Thursday arguing that Congress must choose between preserving the filibuster or protecting voting rights for minorities.

“We can preserve the filibuster, or we can preserve the voting rights of people of color. But we can’t do both,” Hillary stated in the wake of leftist faux outrage stemming from Georgia’s recent election integrity law, which they condemn falsely as racist voter suppression. The law actually expands voting rights but is designed to reduce voter fraud, which Democrats depend on to steal elections.

The left has also targeted the filibuster, which they previously used far more than Republicans, and which Joe Biden himself has defended, as a Jim Crow-era legacy and a white supremacist law — both demonstrably false charges. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki actually described the filibuster as “allowing for systematic racism in the country.”

This isn’t about racism, of course; it’s about demonizing opposition to the left’s agenda to cheat in elections.

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