Hillary: Opposing Voter Integrity Laws Shouldn’t Be Partisan

Hillary: Opposing Voter Integrity Laws Shouldn’t Be Partisan

June 8, 2021

In a Monday social media post, bitter failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton complained about Republican state legislatures pursuing basic election integrity measures, arguing that it “shouldn’t be a partisan issue” to reject such efforts.

“Preserving America’s democracy shouldn’t be a partisan issue,” said the most corrupt, vindictive politician in U.S. history. “But the fact is that Republican-led legislatures have enacted at least 22 news laws this year restricting access to voting.”

She’s correct that preserving election integrity shouldn’t be a partisan issue. But it is partisan because the right wants legality, fairness, and transparency, and the left wants a clear path to widespread voter fraud, because that is the only way they can win elections and maintain power.

She is lying, however, about Republicans attempting to restrict access to voting. Their legislation actually expands access, but includes reasonable requirements like voter ID; the only voters whose access it restricts are those voting illegally. That’s unacceptable to Democrats.

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