Hillary on Leaked SCOTUS Draft: ‘Dark,’ ‘Incredibly Dangerous’

Hillary on Leaked SCOTUS Draft: ‘Dark,’ ‘Incredibly Dangerous’

May 6, 2022

Thursday on CBS Evening News, failed presidential candidate and corrupt Saul Alinsky acolyte Hillary Clinton told anchor Norah O’Donnell that the leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade was “dark” and “incredibly dangerous.”

Politico published Associate Justice Samuel Alito’s draft Monday evening, which would overrule the prior abortion case. Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed the next day that the leaked draft was real.

Hillary naturally fear-mongered: “This opinion is dark. It is incredibly dangerous. And it is not just about a woman’s right to choose. It is about much more than that. I hope people now are fully aware of what we’re up against because the only answer is at the ballot box, to elect people who will stand up for every American’s rights.”

She added, “And any American who says, ‘Look, I’m not a woman, this doesn’t affect me. I’m not black. That doesn’t affect me. I’m not gay. That doesn’t affect me.’ Once you allow this kind of extreme power to take hold, you have no idea who they will come for next.”

It’s the totalitarian Democrats, not the Right, who “come for” people, like the unborn children they sacrifice to their secular god of sexual libertinism, claiming falsely that what they’re defending is the “woman’s right to choose.”

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