Hillary: It’s ‘a Shame’ No Women Directors Nominated for Oscar

Hillary: It’s ‘a Shame’ No Women Directors Nominated for Oscar

January 28, 2020

Still pushing the narrative that American women such as herself are the oppressed victims of sexism, Hillary Clinton said it is “really a shame” that no women were nominated for Best Director in this year’s Academy Awards.

In a conversation with Variety at the Sundance Film Festival, the failed presidential candidate was asked about the lack of women in the best-directing category. “I think it’s really a shame, especially because there were so many notable films this year by women directors.”

Hillary added: “And you know, I know they’re making an effort, and I applaud them for their effort. But I really hope it’s not just an effort; it produces some results and the work that women are doing and the importance of it is recognized by the Academy every year.”

Hillary blamed her 2016 election loss to Donald Trump on the country’s sexism rather than accept the truth, which is that she is unlikable, she labeled half the country “deplorables,” and she is the most corrupt politician in American history.

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