Hillary: Impeaching Not Enough to ‘Remove White Supremacy’

Hillary: Impeaching Not Enough to ‘Remove White Supremacy’

January 13, 2021

In an editorial published by the Washington Post on Monday entitled, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton described last week’s brief, Antifa-instigated incursion into the Capitol as an “attack” brought on by “white-supremacist grievances fueled by Donald Trump.”

“Trump ran for president on a vision of America where whiteness is valued at the expense of everything else,” Hillary lied in her editorial titled “Trump should be impeached. But that alone won’t remove white supremacy from America.”

“In the White House, he gave white supremacists, members of the extreme right and conspiracy theorists their most powerful platforms yet, even claiming that there were “very fine people” among the torch-wielding militia members who converged on Charlottesville in 2017.” Fact check: Trump specifically denounced those white supremacists, but the left continues to propagate this shameful lie.

Hillary went on to declare falsely that America is plagued by a group of citizens who value “whiteness” more than “democracy.” In fact, the country is plagued by the leftist demonization of white people in general, and of conservatives in particular, as white supremacists.

The Saul Alinsky-trained Clinton concluded by calling for the impeachment of Trump, “but that alone won’t remove white supremacy and extremism from America.”

This ugly, divisive race-mongering and demonization of the Americans she once labeled “deplorables” has become the left’s constant refrain, even as the Democrats pretend to call for a national healing.

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