Hillary: GOP Turned ‘Themselves into a Cult,’ Pledge Allegiance to Trump

Hillary: GOP Turned ‘Themselves into a Cult,’ Pledge Allegiance to Trump

March 9, 2021

Monday on Washington Post Live, failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton opined that it is troubling to see the Republican Party become a “cult” of former President Trump.

Asked what advice she would give to anti-Trump Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming about handling criticism from Trump followers in Congress, the power-mad former Secretary of State Hillary replied, “I was incredibly impressed by [Cheney’s] strength in standing up to what had been instigated by Donald Trump, an attack on our Capitol by the then-sitting president of our country, which was so outrageous. Really, Representative Cheney was one of the very few Republicans in Congress who did stand up. And I give all of them who spoke up, who voted for impeachment, who voted for conviction in the Senate credit for doing what was right. I just wish that more Republicans had had either the courage or the understanding of what they needed to do, that they too had stood up and spoken out.”

Just to be clear: Trump did not instigate an attack on the Capitol, but the Democrats push that Narrative at every opportunity in order to establish this lie as fact.

Hillary added, “It is really troubling to see the Republican Party turn themselves into a cult and, you know, basically pledge allegiance not to the United States of America but to Donald Trump. Something I do not understand, I cannot accept, and I don’t think the majority of Americans — as we have seen with the very large popular victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the passage of the American Rescue Plan, which is so popular — I don’t understand why the Republican Party is so afraid of itself, because that’s what it comes down to.”

Again, for clarification: Democrats, not Republicans, are the Party that can’t bring themselves to pledge allegiance to the United States of America. But again, at every media opportunity Democrats push the Narrative that they are the true patriots and Republicans are domestic terrorists.

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