Hillary Fuels 2020 Buzz on ‘Late Late Show’

Hillary Fuels 2020 Buzz on ‘Late Late Show’

November 7, 2019

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea made a surprise appearance on The Late Late Show Tuesday to take shots at President Trump, fueling speculation that Hillary is revving up for a presidential run against Trump in 2020.

“I’m really fed up with all your Trump jokes. Every single night. If anyone should be telling Trump jokes, it’s me,” Hillary kidded the host. Comedy gold. Then, after delivering more “jokes” to an adoring audience, the Clintons sat down for an interview with the host, who asked Hillary what her advice would be to any 2020 Democratic candidate who may end up debating and facing President Trump in the general election.

“Just be really prepared,” Hillary replied. “As hard as it is with him to try and talk about facts and truth compared to what he says, be prepared anyway to try to make your case and just keep going at him and don’t give an inch.”

Despite the left’s desperate best efforts to rehabilitate her image so that she can fake human warmth, she’s still the same old corrupt, vindictive, power-mad Hillary.

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