Hillary: Facebook Spreads ‘Outright Lies About Democrats’

Hillary: Facebook Spreads ‘Outright Lies About Democrats’

October 11, 2019

At an event at the University of Michigan, perennially-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton hilariously complained that Facebook is accepting “hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars” from the Trump campaign to spread “a stream of outrageous stories” about Democrats.

“I’m also really disappointed in a lot of the tech companies and I’ll mention Facebook because they’re the most influential,” said the corrupt former SecState, despite the fact that, as noted by Breitbart News, Facebook is guilty of overwhelming bias against conservatives.

Clinton similarly complained in a speech at George Washington University last month that the Trump campaign is “spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook each week” to spread “fake endorsements and outright lies about Democrats.”

Nothing short of the complete eradication of conservative opinion on social media would ever be enough for the totalitarian Hillary.

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