Hillary Congratulates Kamala: ‘Masterful Debate Performance’

Hillary Congratulates Kamala: ‘Masterful Debate Performance’

October 9, 2020

Thursday on Twitter, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton congratulated Democrat VP pick Kamala Harris for what she called a “masterful” performance in Wednesday evening’s vice presidential debate against Trump VP Mike Pence.

“Congratulations to @kamalaharris for a masterful debate performance,” Hillary wrote. “She swatted away the lies with ease,” she added, referring to a fly that settled on Pence’s head at one point, which became a major talking point of leftist commentary afterward. She did not specify which lies, and neglected to mention the lies Kamala spewed all evening long.

Hillary then urged Americans to “join this winning team” of Harris and her empty-suit running mate Joe Biden.

On a recent episode of her podcast ‎You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton, the power-mad Saul Alinsky protégé told Harris, “I think you should also be prepared for, you know, the slights, the efforts to diminish you, you personally, you as a woman who’s about to be our next vice president.” Pence never once attempted to diminish Harris “as a woman” in the debate, but Hillary and Kamala never hesitate to play the sexism card for advantage, as proud feminists always seem to do.

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