Hillary Calls Gymnast Simone Biles a ‘Model of Character’

Hillary Calls Gymnast Simone Biles a ‘Model of Character’

July 28, 2021

Wednesday on Facebook, power-hungry, corrupt, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton praised U.S. gymnast Simone Biles for her decision to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics to preserve her mental and physical health, calling Biles “a model of strength, excellence, and true character.”

“Competing or not, gold or not, Simone Biles is a model of strength, excellence, and true character,” wrote Hillary, who is perhaps not the best judge of excellence and character, either in others or herself.

Biles was also supported by one of her sponsors. “We stand by Simone and support her well-being both in and out of competition,” said Kyle Andrew, Chief Brand Officer of women’s sportswear maker Athleta. “Being the best also means knowing how to take care of yourself. We are inspired by her leadership today and are behind her every step of the way.”

Imagine if Olympic standout swimmer Michael Phelps, a white man, had abandoned the Games midway through competition to protect his mental and physical health. No prominent politician would leap to defend what would rightly be perceived as weakness and failure. But when a black female athlete bows out for the same reason, the left leaps to defend her “character,” “leadership,” and “strength.”

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