Hil: ‘Encourage Friend or Family Member to Get Vaccinated’

Hil: ‘Encourage Friend or Family Member to Get Vaccinated’

August 3, 2021

Monday on Twitter, twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pressed Americans to encourage their friends and family members to get vaccinated “today” as Democrats ramp up their scapegoating rhetoric against those who have resisted government and media pressure to accept the experimental anti-COVID vaccine.

“The vaccines are protecting millions of people from COVID-19. Encourage a friend or family member to get vaccinated today,” Hillary claimed, linking to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) comparing cases of the coronavirus among vaccinated individuals and the unvaccinated.

The unspoken message — at least unspoken by Hillary, although made explicit by other leftists — is, get vaccinated or else.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Rochelle Walensky, for example, threatened last week that the government was “looking into” a federal coronavirus vaccine mandate. The CDC is also pressing the vaccinated to “help” the unvaccinated, identifying the ultimate goal as helping to “make their vaccination happen.”

President Joe Biden himself has explicitly endorsed the idea of vaccine mandates in the private sector. “In addition to providing incentives to encourage vaccination, it’s time to impose requirements on key groups to make sure they’re vaccinated,” the decrepit Biden mumbled at a White House event last week. “I’m going to keep at it,” he vowed later. “I’m going to be talking about it around the country.”

And American patriots are going to keep resisting his totalitarian coercion.

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