Hil: 1/6 Capitol Breach a ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ to Overturn Election

Hil: 1/6 Capitol Breach a ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ to Overturn Election

June 13, 2022

Thursday on Twitter, failed presidential candidate and corrupt traitor Hillary Clinton responded to the Capitol Hill hearing on the events of January 6, calling the chaos a “criminal conspiracy” to overturn an election.

“It’s pretty simple: We have a right to choose our own leaders. We can’t let anyone take that right away from us. The people involved in the criminal conspiracy to overturn the will of America’s voters—which culminated in the attempted coup of January 6—must be held accountable,” she said.

It’s pretty simple, all right: the ones who must be held accountable are everyone involved in the nationwide, Democrat voter fraud that “took the right away from us” to “choose our own leaders.” The angry, befuddled puppet Joe Biden is an illegitimate president, and Hillary Clinton is a power-mad, far-Left liar. The only criminal conspiracy was the Deep State setup on January 6 to paint Trump and his supporters as threats to democracy.

Hillary, you will recall, championed the Russian collusion hoax for four years in the wake of President Trump’s election in 2016, during which the Deep State DOJ and FBI were weaponized to investigate Trump and his allies.

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