Hezbollah Founder Demands Iran Leader Khameini Attack Israel

Hezbollah Founder Demands Iran Leader Khameini Attack Israel

November 2, 2023

Hezbollah founder Subhi al-Tufayli said in a video that recently surfaced from last month that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei was a traitor for not launching attacks against Israel as Israel targets Hamas terrorists inside Gaza.

The segment, which was flagged and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), comes after Hamas murdered 1,400 Israelis, wounded 5,300+, and kidnapped approximately 240 people in an unprecedented terrorist attack last month.

“Khamenei, you are a servant!” Al-Tufayli yelled on his YouTube channel. “You are an enemy of Allah and His Messenger! You are the killer of Muslim children. You are [like] the killer of [Abdallah] the baby in Karbala. You are worse than Yazid. More hateful and despicable than him.”

“Where are you with regard to Gaza? What are you doing with regard to the children of Palestine?” he continued. “For whom have you prepared all those weapons in Lebanon? Don’t say: ‘Me, me, me, me…’ These are the excuses of traitors and we know them all. You are responsible before Allah for every child you kill in Gaza – even more than the Zionists and the Americans. That ruler in Tehran is the enemy of Muhammad and Ali. They are happy for the killing of Muslim children.”

Al-Tufayli wanted Iran to give the orders to its terrorist proxy groups throughout the region to launch attacks against Israel to stop them from rooting out the terrorists inside Gaza.

“The price paid in Syria and Iraq – hundreds of thousands were killed by you and your allies in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. If only you paid some of this price in Palestine.”

“You are saying that the circumstances do not allow this,” he continued. “So how come the circumstances allowed you attack our innocent people in Syria, who are ruled by that ape who lives in [Damascus].”

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