Hayes: Trump Indictment Lays Out ‘Greatest Political Crime’ Since Civil War Secession

Hayes: Trump Indictment Lays Out ‘Greatest Political Crime’ Since Civil War Secession

August 3, 2023

Tuesday on MSNBC’s All In, propagandist Chris Hayes stated ludicrously that the federal indictment against former President Trump laid out the “greatest political crime” since states seceded during the Civil War.

Hayes said, “With Donald Trump, lots of things are unprecedented. The first time he was indicted was unprecedented, and the second time was indicted was unprecedented, because of the federal indictment had never come down. This is in the canon of American events, January 6 and its aftermath. The reason is that for 159 years after the cannons fire at Fort Sumter, there is an unbroken chain of transfer of power. Not only that, the core story of the American experiment is its fight within itself to be true to the radical promise of democracy. That is why Lincoln says at the battlefield at Gettysburg that the question before the nation is whether a nation of, by, and for the people can long endure. It’s a test whether the thing can last.”

He added, “That is in a category of itself in American history, the Civil War and the death and misery. But this is the greatest political crime since secession. And the gravest test, that Lincoln called on the battlefield in Gettysburg of whether a nation of, by, and for the people, that we are our own masters, whether that can long endure. So I feel profoundly gratified by reading this document because it calls into question in a way that has not quite been called yet.”

Hayes concluded, “If the law is not for this, what is it for?”

What pompous blather. The Left cares nothing about the Constitution, American history (except insofar as they can distort it to demonize America), Lincoln (a Republican president), the peaceful transfer of power, blah blah blah. There was no attempted insurrection on January 6th, 2021, the chaos of which was orchestrated not by Donald Trump but by traitorous enemies in the Deep State. No one has committed more political crimes than the current Biden administration, in particular the crime family patriarch Joe “Big Guy” Biden himself.

The Left cares only about seizing and maintaining political power, and toward that end they must demonize Donald Trump and his supporters as the greatest threat to democracy in history, while puffing themselves up as the defenders of the American experiment. Liars and totalitarians, all of them.

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