Harris Wants $75 Billion for Black Entrepreneurs, Colleges

Harris Wants $75 Billion for Black Entrepreneurs, Colleges

July 26, 2019

Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris released a $75 billion plan Friday intended to help black Americans overcome the “wealth gap.” The plan includes $60 billion to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and other “minority-serving institutions” to increase the number of black graduates in STEM programs, as well as a $12 billion “capital grant and technical support” program to support black entrepreneurs.

A supporter of paying some form of reparations for slavery, Harris said earlier this year “that we need to study the effects of generations of discrimination and institutional racism and determine what can be done, in terms of intervention, to correct course.” While nearly all Democrat presidential contenders support the idea of reparations, polls show that more than two-thirds of Americans are opposed.

And as Breitbart News notes, President Trump has also made support for HBCUs a central focus of his education policy, and a core part of his outreach to the black community.

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