Harris: Verdict ‘Will Not Heal Pain That Existed for Generations’

Harris: Verdict ‘Will Not Heal Pain That Existed for Generations’

April 21, 2021

In an interview at the White House prior to the announcement of the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, Vice President Kamala Harris declared that finding the former police officer guilty in the death of George Floyd would not wipe out generations of trauma.

“This verdict is but a piece of it,” she explained. “And it will not heal the pain that existed for generations, that has existed for generations among people who have experienced and first-hand witnessed what now a broader public is seeing because of smartphones and the ubiquity of our ability to videotape in real time what is happening in front of our faces. And that is the reality of it.”

Fact check: “the reality of it” is that lifelong criminal Floyd was restrained because he violently resisted arrest, and he died because he was high with a lethal cocktail of drugs, including fentanyl in his system — not murder at the hands of the police.

“Let’s say there is a guilty verdict on the highest charge, it will not take away the pain of the Floyd family. It will not take away the pain of the communities, all communities, regardless of their color or geographic location, that felt sadness and anger in what they witnessed in that video.”

Fact check: what people “witnessed in that video” is what the biased media wanted people to see. The defense in the trial showed video from other perspectives which proved a different story. As for the pain of the Floyd family, Floyd himself could have prevented that if he hadn’t led a life of drug addiction and crime.

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