Harris: Trump’s Tweets Could ‘Harm’ Other People

Harris: Trump’s Tweets Could ‘Harm’ Other People

October 1, 2019

On CNN Monday night, presidential contender Kamala Harris said President Trump should have his Twitter account suspended because his “irresponsible” words “could result in harm to other people.”

“Frankly, when you look at what he’s been tweeting today, directed at the [Ukraine “scandal”] whistleblower, directed at so many people, I frankly, think that based on this and all we’ve seen him do before, including attacking members of Congress, that frankly his Twitter account should be suspended,” Sen. Harris said.

“I think there’s plenty of now evidence to suggest that he is irresponsible with his words in a way that could result in harm to other people. And so the privilege of using those words in that way should probably be taken from him…” she added, exemplifying the Left’s totalitarian fondness for censorship.

“And if he’s not going to exercise self-restraint, then, perhaps, there should be other mechanisms in place to make sure that his words do not in fact harm anyone.”


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