Harris: Trump ‘Tweeted’ the Ammunition For El Paso Shooter

Harris: Trump ‘Tweeted’ the Ammunition For El Paso Shooter

August 12, 2019

In an interview Sunday with The Des Moines Register, White House hopeful Kamala Harris declared that while President Trump “obviously didn’t pull the trigger” in the recent mass shooting in El Paso, “he’s sure been tweeting out the ammunition.”

“I, as a prosecutor, I prosecuted hate crimes. As the Attorney General of California, where I ran the second largest Department Justice in the United States, I on an annual basis published the Hate Crime Report. So I will tell you this stuff is not new in our country. It certainly predates the election of Donald Trump, but it has also increased under Donald Trump. He has been fueling the flames of hate,” Harris asserted, pushing the false Democrat narrative that Trump has empowered a violent white supremacist movement in the U.S.

“I said recently on the issue of El Paso, you know, no, when people ask me is he responsible for these killings? Well, no, he obviously didn’t pull the trigger but he’s sure been tweeting out the ammunition.”

Harris did not comment on whether her competitor Elizabeth Warren provided the ammunition to the recent Dayton mass shooter, an avowed socialist and Warren supporter.

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