Harris: Trump Turned ‘U.S. Military on its Own People’

Harris: Trump Turned ‘U.S. Military on its Own People’

June 4, 2020

Wednesday on NBC’s The Tonight Show, failed presidential candidate Kamala Harris pushed the new Democrat narrative that President Trump is a “dictator” who is “turning the U.S. military on its own people.”

“Most recently, you know, frankly, the words that [Trump] speaks are the words not of a president,” she told the show’s host. “They’re the words of a dictator.”

Harris went on to claim that Trump had thrown “tear gas at people who are peacefully protesting so he could clear the road” for a “photo op.” There was no tear gas, but Democrats don’t let facts get in the way. She added: “He’s talking about turning the U.S. military on its own people… This is something altogether, and that’s why people are marching and shouting.”

Trump hasn’t turned the military on the people of America for “marching and shouting.” He has, however, promised to turn the military, if necessary, on the cop-killing, far-left domestic terrorists who are rioting and looting across the nation — terrorists that Democrat leaders like Harris defend and support.

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