Harris: Trump Created Iran Crisis with ‘Ego’ and ‘Gamesmanship’

Harris: Trump Created Iran Crisis with ‘Ego’ and ‘Gamesmanship’

June 24, 2019

Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation, Sen. Kamala Harris accused President Trump of creating the crisis with Iran with “ego” and engaging in gamesmanship.

“I don’t believe that anyone should receive credit for a crisis of their own making,” said Harris, “and there is no question in my mind that the current occupant of the White House, President Trump, put in place a series of events that led to that event…

“We have to conduct ourselves in a way that we are smart about what we do to have one and one goal only, which is ensuring that our nation is secure. And it cannot be the goal to, to express one’s ego and to engage in gamesmanship without much serious regard to the consequence, and I think that’s what we’ve seen in this president.”

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