Harris to Twitter: ‘It’s Time to Do Something About’ Trump

Harris to Twitter: ‘It’s Time to Do Something About’ Trump

October 2, 2019

White House contender Kamala Harris demanded that Twitter “do something” about President Trump after he referred to the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as “a coup” in a tweet on Tuesday.

Trump had tweeted, “As I learn more and more each day, I am coming to the conclusion that what is taking place is not an impeachment, it is a COUP, intended to take away the Power of the…” and then continued, “…People, their VOTE, their Freedoms, their Second Amendment, Religion, Military, Border Wall, and their God-given rights as a Citizen of The United States of America!”

This truth didn’t sit well with Sen. Harris, who tweeted to CEO Jack Dorsey urging him to take action against Trump: “Hey @jack. Time to do something about this.”

Because the Left’s first instinct is to censor opinions they don’t like, Harris had declared on Monday that Trump should be banned from Twitter because his “words” had the potential to cause harm to people.

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