Harris: ‘People Are Dying’ Due to Trump’s ‘Vacuum of Leadership’

Harris: ‘People Are Dying’ Due to Trump’s ‘Vacuum of Leadership’

April 8, 2020

Wednesday on ABC’s The View, failed presidential candidate Kamala Harris helped promote the opportunistic Democrat narrative that President Trump’s “vacuum of leadership” in the coronavirus outbreak has cost American lives.

“This is a moment of international crisis, and this is when leaders must lead,” Harris said. “The president of the United States was also the commander-in-chief, in a moment of crisis, which is a public pandemic that has led to an economic crisis as well…

“What we have in this president is someone who has been concerned about himself full-time since he has been in office and including during this pandemic…” she claimed falsely. “At a national level, and in particular from the administration, we’ve seen a vacuum of leadership, and we’re paying a price for it. And as to your point, people are dying.”

Like other Democrats, Harris has done absolutely zero to help Americans through the coronavirus pandemic. The Party leaders have focused all their attention on blaming Trump for their own political benefit.

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