Harris on Reparations: ‘Writing a Check’ Not ‘Gonna Be Enough’

Harris on Reparations: ‘Writing a Check’ Not ‘Gonna Be Enough’

July 16, 2019

In an interview with Jemele Hill’s podcast on Monday, Sen. Kamala Harris declared that the idea of slavery reparations is “complicated” and “writing a check” to the descendants of slaves is not “going to be enough.”

“We need to address how we’re going to do it,” Harris said. “So there’s a lot that has to be about looking at this in a way that is about structural and systemic investment in communities…”

“So that’s why I’m reluctant to have a simple answer to it because frankly I don’t believe that writing a check is gonna be enough,” she added. “I really don’t… And the worst thing that I think could happen is that checks get written and then everybody says ‘ok, stop talking about this now’ without addressing the systemic inequities that are deep and require investment.”

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