Harris: ‘In Many Ways’ Trump Is a National Security Threat

Harris: ‘In Many Ways’ Trump Is a National Security Threat

July 3, 2020

Thursday on Washington Post Live’s Cape Up Podcast, radical harpy Sen. Kamala Harris called President Trump a national security threat “in many ways.”

“In many ways. I think that he is not—he has not throughout his tenure as president prioritized what is in the best interest of our–the health and well-being of the American people on the homeland or around the world,” Harris blathered. “And you can just look at this most recent threat to the health and well-being of our country, which is this pandemic… You can talk about it on the issue of the climate crisis and the fact that he has been basically a science denier.

“And then you can look at the fact that our—again, our intelligence community has been very clear, unanimous in its finding of Russia’s interference in the election of the President in 2016. So, we have many examples that tell us that Donald Trump is not well-equipped, if at all equipped, to be the commander-in-chief.”

Every word a lie, but the Democrats and their media enablers are committed to their anti-Trump narrative.

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