Harris: ‘Honor’ Ancestors with Curbside, Absentee Voting

Harris: ‘Honor’ Ancestors with Curbside, Absentee Voting

April 21, 2020

In recent interviews with, Sen. Kamala Harris urged black and women voters to honor their ancestors and embrace her push for absentee and curbside voting.

“There are those who enjoy the tradition… especially for those who have been historically denied the right to vote — African Americans, women,” Harris told Rolling Stone. “So many of them know that people fought and died and bled for our right to vote. We have to start adjusting to new forms that make it easier because the greatest exercise of patriotism, the greatest exercise of the franchise, is to actually vote.”

“There is a proud tradition of going to the polls on election day…” Harris told The Root. “There are ceremonies associated with it… Part of what I’m saying… is: ‘Guess what? You can honor the ancestors by voting by mail…You can still create a ceremony around it and have the kids around and maybe you know, have them ask questions and let them fill in the fill-in with you.”

Progressives want alternative forms of voting quite simply because the potential for voter fraud is greater.

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