Harris Claims Barr ‘Misled’ the American People

Harris Claims Barr ‘Misled’ the American People

May 29, 2019

Wednesday on MSNBC, 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris responded to Robert Mueller’s statement about Russian election collusion that Attorney General William Barr “misled the American people.”

“We learned a few things today; most importantly what we learned is that the special counsel did not return an indictment because of that memo,” Harris said. “In other words, but for that memo, I believe a fair inference from what we heard is there would have been indictments returned against this president.

“The other thing we learned today is that the current attorney general of the United States misled the American people when he spoke about his conversation with Bob Mueller and suggested that Bob Mueller said, ‘No, I had nothing to do for that memo,’” she added.

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