Harris: Change Food Pyramid to Tackle Climate Change

Harris: Change Food Pyramid to Tackle Climate Change

September 5, 2019

During CNN’s 7-hour climate change town hall on Thursday, Sen. Kamala Harris expressed support for changing the food pyramid in order to combat the supposed threat of climate change.

An attendee asked if the Democrat presidential contender would “support changing dietary guidelines — the food pyramid,” in order to reduce red meat consumption. True to the Democrat instinct to restrict freedoms and enforce modifications in human nature, Harris replied that she would.

“I’ve actually worked on this issue in the past, and it’s about consumer awareness. I strongly believe the American consumer is left without the information that you need and deserve to have about what it is that you are putting in your body or surrounding yourselves with and the health implications of those things.”

She added that consumer information should include “a measure of the impact on the environment,” to eat more responsibly.

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