Harris Agrees with Voter Who Called Trump ‘Mentally Retarded’

Harris Agrees with Voter Who Called Trump ‘Mentally Retarded’

September 9, 2019

Low-polling White House hopeful Kamala Harris appeared to agree with a voter who called for impeachment and described President Trump’s actions as “mentally retarded.”

A video surfaced Saturday in which a voter is seen telling Harris that he disagrees with the argument that impeachment “does not make sense.” He then referred to Trump’s actions as “mentally retarded.”

“Well said, well said,” Harris chuckled in apparent agreement. After the ensuing backlash over this endorsement of hurtful language, Harris told CBS News reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns that she did not hear the man use the term “mentally retarded,” calling it an “incredibly offensive term.”

Matt Wolking, Deputy Director of Communications for Trump’s 2020 campaign, pointed out, “That’s weird because when he said it Kamala Harris laughed and responded, ‘Well said. Well said.’”

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