Hannah-Jones: GOP Attacking CRT to ‘Suppress’ Racist Past

Hannah-Jones: GOP Attacking CRT to ‘Suppress’ Racist Past

June 22, 2021

Sunday on MSNBC’s Velshi, racist New York Times writer and “1619 Project” propagandist Nikole Hannah-Jones declared falsely that parents’ concerns over her work and over Critical Race Theory (CRT) are only a “Republican strategy” to suppress “the racist past of this country.”

Anchor Ali Velshi began by sneering that the 1619 Project and CRT have “become the thing that Republicans are very, very determined that their children don’t learn, not because it’s actually an interesting part of history, but because you are accused of having little white children hate themselves. Can you please correct the record for me?”

Fact check: The racist worldview Hannah-Jones and the left are disseminating is not an “interesting part of history.” Her Project has been debunked by hundreds of historians and her scholarship deemed so shoddy that her Pulitzer Prize for it was rescinded. CRT, meanwhile, is a false, Marxist, anti-American tool of division and subversion.

Hannah-Jones replied, “I don’t even know what to say to that. Clearly, there’s nothing in this [1619] Project or in critical race theory that says anything about little white children and how little white children should feel.”

Fact check: Hannah-Jones, Velshi, and the left in general pretend innocence, but they know full well that CRT posits falsely that whites are irredeemably racist oppressors who benefit from white power structures of the past, while “people of color” are under the boot-heel of “structural racism.” It is designed to inculcate racial guilt, animosity, and division, and the left is pushing it on schoolchildren as early as pre-K precisely in order to manipulate how “children should feel.”

“That is just a Republican strategy,” she continued. “It’s a way of dismissing this work that is forcing us to confront both the racist past of this country and the way the racist past shapes the society we live in by pretending what it’s really doing is trying to paint all white children as racists or make all white people think they’re racists. That’s actually the opposite.”

Fact check: it’s not the opposite. Hannah-Jones’ work is a key part of the left’s racist push to demonize “whiteness” as oppression and to demonize America as a nation founded in racism, not in liberty.

“My work is about structures, not about individuals,” she added. “They’re actually trying to move us away from thinking that individuals alone are responsible, a few bad apples are responsible for inequality and are responsible for discrimination, and trying to show that there’s actually much larger structures at play here.”

Fact check: structural racism has been banned in America for over half a century. The greatest racial threat to America today is not white supremacy or “structural racism,” but the despicable theory and alternate history Hannah-Jones and her Marxist cohorts have fashioned of the America they hate.

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