Hank Johnson Accuses Repubs of Mispronouncing ‘Mueller’

Hank Johnson Accuses Repubs of Mispronouncing ‘Mueller’

July 23, 2019

At a Judiciary Committee hearing earlier this month, Rep. Hank Johnson accused Republicans at a hearing of purposely mispronouncing former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s last name to “besmirch” him.

“I’ve heard more and more Republicans starting to pronounce Director Mueller’s name as ‘Mew-ler,’” Johnson said to Dr. John Eastman, a constitutional law professor. “I’ve been hearing that over the past few weeks. Is that some kind of Republican attempt to besmirch Director Mueller?”

When Eastman responded that his pronunciation was likely just “a bit of my German heritage,” Johnson added, bizarrely, “It’s ‘Muller’ and I’ve heard so many people saying “Mew-ler’ on the other side it just seems like there’s some kind of secret memo floating out there.” This is the same lawmaker who once worried aloud in a House Armed Services Committee meeting that Guam might capsize if too many Marines were deployed there.

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