Hamas Terrorist’s Mother Praises Son For Murdering Jewish Family

Hamas Terrorist’s Mother Praises Son For Murdering Jewish Family

May 9, 2023

Following a deadly terrorist attack in Israel that left three members of a Jewish family dead last month, the terrorist’s mother spoke out, praising her son’s actions while calling to “devour” the Jewish “enemy” with “our teeth.”

In an interview with the Palestinian Quds News Agency that aired on Sunday, the mother of Hamas terrorist Hassan Qatanani boasted about her son’s terrorism after he murdered British-Israeli Lucy Dee along with her two daughters in a shooting attack last month.

“He loved martyrdom,” his mother said. “He would say to me, day and night, ‘Mom, I want to be martyred.’ He would kiss my hand and say: ‘Pray to Allah that I will be martyred.’”

“Praise be to Allah for granting him what he wanted,” she added.

The mother turned to discussing the Jewish “enemy,” claiming that courageous people cannot “accept” what they have done to the Palestinian people, while calling to fight them with all means at their disposal.

“We should fight [the Jews] with our children, with our money, with our families, with our fingernails. We should devour the Jews with our teeth because they banished us…,” she said.

“The Jews are our enemy from beginning to end,” she added.

Last month, two British-Israeli sisters were shot dead at the hands of Islamic extremists. Their mother, who was also injured during the shooting, died days later. The members of the Dee family were on a holiday drive through northern Samaria to visit the city of Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee when gunmen ambushed their car, forcing it off the road and then raking it with bullets.

Their anguished father, Rabbi Leo Dee, delivered a heart-wrenching eulogy calling for national unity in a time of division and urging those present to focus on gratitude for what they had, rather than what they had lost.

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