Hamas Leader Urges Worldwide Muslim ‘Mobilization’ on Friday

Hamas Leader Urges Worldwide Muslim ‘Mobilization’ on Friday

October 20, 2023

Ismail Haniyeh, Chairman of the terror organization Hamas‘ Political Bureau, called on Thursday for Arabs and Muslims to engage in “general mobilization” across the globe on Friday and urged for sympathizers of the terror organization in nearby countries to march toward the Jewish state’s borders.

Haniyeh’s call to action comes as Israel prepares to expand its military operations in Gaza after the shocking terror attack on the Jewish state on October 7.

Last week, Hamas called on Muslims worldwide to hold a “Day of Jihad” on October 13th.

“We declare next Friday, ‘The Friday of the Al-Aqsa Flood,’ as a day of general mobilization in our Arab and Islamic world and among the free people of the world,” the terror group said on October 10, according to Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“It is a day to rally support, offer aid, and participate actively. It is a day to expose the crimes of the occupation, isolate it, and foil all its aggressive schemes. It is a day to demonstrate our love for Palestine, Jerusalem, and Al-Aqsa,” the terror group added. “It is a day for sacrifice, heroism, and dedication, and to earn the honor of defending the first Qibla of Muslims, the third holiest mosque, and the ascension of the trusted Messenger.”

“This isn’t about Israel — it’s about Jews. And that’s what’s so horrifying,” one parent told the New York Post.

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